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"Thank you for visiting the US Charity Inc. We are a public charity tax-exempt organization under IRC Section 501 (c) (3). You can click on the video in which I talk about our company and why we are one of the best charities for helping immigrants. You can also click the links below to find out more about our company and team."
Ivan Dyakov, President US Charity Inc.
Three good reasons to choose us
Every day we work hard to make the life of our friends who need help better and happier
We are more efficient than most other foundations
More than just gifts
Our support is more than 15 different programs
Monthly Reports
We report to our donors and sponsors for every cent
We help immigrants every day. More than just money.
Better than other funds.
We help immigrants every day. We help with money, food, medications, lawyers, or translators, etc. We also help gifted children of immigrants to get help paying for college tuition.

We know what it means to start a new life in a different country, even as immigrant-friendly as the USA. We know what it means to be a refugee or be without money.
We help immigrants who speak Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and other languages
We know what it means to be an immigrant. Because we are immigrants. Our team of friends and volunteers is trying to help everyone. We also speak many languages, so we always understand you.

Our foundation works in almost all areas of assistance. But our main areas are focused on helping immigrants and people who need urgent help from our foundation.

If you have any questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us.
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Lizzie Thompson
We needed urgent help, and the guys from the US Charity Inc. helped us. Thanks to all the donors who helped us!
Emma Velasquez
Being in a difficult situation, I did not know where to go. But friends recommended contacting the US Charity Inc., and this helped save my time and health. Thanks, everyone!
Our Experienced Team
Ivan Dyakov
Ivan is a refugee from Russia, a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. He moved to the United States after an armed attack by representatives of the Russian government in which he almost died. He has over 15 years of experience of volunteering and conducting charitable activities. Ivan keeps a blog on YouTube and Telegram to help immigrants. Ivan's great-grandfathers are from Poland, Greece and Finland.
Nighina Tovmassian
Vice President
Nighina lives in the USA for more than 13 years as an immigrant from Tajikistan (the former part of the Soviet Union). Nighina worked a lot to pay for her studies in the US. After studying, she was able to stay in the United States and began to help immigrants. Married, has a daughter. Nighina's great-grandfathers are from Iran.
Alena Dyakova
Vice President
Alena is a refugee from Russia. She has higher education in the field of Public Relations and Human resources. She has experiences working at helpline for psychological assistance to the needy. She is also a mother of four. Alena's great-grandfathers are from Ukraine and Israel.
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